Authors Speak Out

I have learned so much from working so closely with other writers. Here's what I have coerced them into saying about me:

Brian Panowich

Author of 'Bull Mountain'

"Chuck Regan was 100% invaluable to the creation of the Bull Mountain Universe. Not only for his near-genius ability as a content editor and world builder, but as the one man in the group who never held back a punch, even when he knew it would bloody my nose. Chuck is the man that I didn’t want to let down, and he made me a better writer. Period. The love I have for that man is boundless. I challenge anyone out there reading this that thinks they have a perfect novel, to let Chuck give it once over, and if his red pen doesn’t teach you something about what real, honest, character development is all about, I’ll drink a work-boot full of deer piss."

Ryan Sayles -

Author of 'The Subtle Art of Brutality', and 'That Escalated Quickly'

"I've worked with Chuck Regan as both an artist and a writer. As an artist he saw my vision--what little I had--and turned it into a jaw-dropping, eye-catching book cover that had my other friends asking if it was also a T-shirt. Now that I mention that, it should be. As a writer, Chuck reviewed my story 'Wherever The Light Ends' in Zelmer Pulp's 'Hey! That Robot Ate My Baby!' issue. He came back with a no-holds-barred critique that was both brutally honest but supportive. I was energized by it. Flat out. He's done it for me ever since, and ever since I've had a damn good product."


Chris Leek -

Author of 'Gospel of the Bullet'

"Chuck Regan’s no-bullshit approach cuts deep in all the right places. His insightful and honest critiques have been absolutely invaluable in improving both my work and my skill set. I wouldn’t use anybody else."


Benoit Lelievre -

Writer and creator of Dead End Follies

"Not only is Chuck Regan is a consummate professional, but he's also a natural editor with a keen eye for narrative nonsense and gives quality suggestions. Editing is about creative synergy and Chuck understands that. The stories of mine he edited are the best I've ever written."


Gareth Spark -

Noir writer and poet

"Chuck Regan worked as editor on a story of mine that was part of a larger project and his work was flawlessly perceptive, to the point, shrewd and never less than helpful. He has a keen, ice cool ability to see the bones of your work, strip it back and rebuild it into something far grander and much more professional, while at the same time helping you become a far stronger writer. I would recommend him as an editor without reservation."

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